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    Server Rules


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    Server Rules

    Post  Admin on Fri Apr 16, 2010 5:34 am

    General/Ingame Rules
    You will not use any bots or hacks of any kind. All use of it will result in instant ban of account.
    You will only play with our client & won't edit any files, except Pictures & textures.
    You will not spam the server in anyway (GuildCreation etc.).
    You will only talk english in worldchat.
    You will not use any binaryrunner to run the client. (ex. Another exe runner).
    You will agree in all of the staff's actions against you. If you are still not good with it, please visit the forums.
    You will not curse anyone players, staff or the source it self.
    You will not advertise of any kind, the only links thats allowed to give is youtube, googlelinks etc.
    You will not send any links of "how to make a server" or anything reletated to it.
    You will not advertise for any other servers, not even speak their names.
    You will not post any porn.
    You will not create any addons such as bots, hacks etc. for the server.
    You will not make any fake sites for scamming.
    You will not scam ingame players or hack accounts. Will result in ban of all involved accounts (instant ban of account).
    You will not ask for items or anything reletated to any staff members.
    You will not ask for anything like stats, levels etc. from our staff.
    You will not ask to be a PM, GM or MOD. It can result in a warning or ban of your account.
    You will not decrypt any files.
    You will not sell anything for real money (items, account etc.). Will get your account instant banned.
    You will not give fake informations about our service out.
    You will not create any fake PM/GM/MOD Accounts.
    You will not ask how to make a server or ask us to help.
    You are not from TQ Digital or Net Dragon Software, if you are please leave the website right now, we have nothing to do with you.
    You will agree to that all breaks of the following terms can get you a warning or instant ban.

    Forum Rules
    You agree to that you won't spam the board off topic or spam in anyway.
    You agree to that you won't break any general rules.
    You agree to that you will always use search button before ask for anything or creating a topic.
    You agree to that your titles of topics will be clear and read able.
    You agree to that you won't flame or insult anybody.
    You agree to that you won't put any pornographic things.
    You agree to that you only will talk ENGLISH, no other languages are allowed, talk in PM for that.
    You agree to that you won't create topics that are already created.
    You agree to that you won't double post. Please use the edit button, it is there for a reason. (There are some exceptions which are allowed by Admin)
    You agree to that you won't post any application for Staff until we decide when to recruit Staff members.

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