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    Server Information

    Post  Admin on Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:50 pm

    XP: 2x
    Prof: 2x
    CAP LEVEL: 130
    Client Version: 5165

    Special thanks to : Alex aka Impulse for a lot of things Smile

    Features already included:

    No lotto
    No +stones
    No shopping mall
    No DB Level
    No Item(armor) DB Socket
    No Monster Quest
    No Monster Exterminator Quest
    Weapon socket in Bird (1st sock = 1 DB, 2nd sock = 5 DB)
    The only socket way is in TC(Artisan Wind), by luck
    + an item with +1 items:
    +0 --> +1: 2 +1 items => +1 item
    +1 --> +2: 2 +1 items => +2 item
    +2 --> +3: 4 +1 items => 2 +2 items => +3 item
    and so on (or the compose thing in the new version 5165)
    Lucky Time (skill + features)
    Remove potency(no +exp from monsters)(it's still available as a client side)
    PromoCenter completed
    No Flame Lit Quest
    Market Warehouses have 40 slots now --- Thanks to Alex aka Impulse for this Smile
    No multiple logging (on same acc) --- Thanks to Alex aka Impulse for this Smile

    VIP Features (for when it will be released):
    I didn't decide for the prices so here are just the levels:

    VIP 1:
    -auto pickup of silvers (amount under 500)
    -auto pickup of items (ref, uniq)

    VIP 2:
    -auto pickup of silvers (amount under 1000)
    -auto pickup of items (uniq, elite)

    VIP 3:
    -auto pickup of silvers (amount under 2000)
    -auto pickup of items (elite, super)

    VIP 4:
    -auto pickup of silvers (amount under 4000)
    -auto pickup of items (elite,super)
    -right click on a meteor (if 10 in inventory) ==> 1 MetScroll
    -passive skills (use a command to turn weapon skills on/off) (i'm not sure if it will be added)

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